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Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

This site, in addition to collecting, using, and managing personal information appropriately according to the “Mie Prefecture Personal Information Protection Ordinance”, shall strive to make a homepage which visitors can use with peace of mind.

Personal Information Definition

Personal information is defined as information collected by this site which relates to individuals, and can be used to identify a particular person, or can possibly identify a person (this includes address, name, telephone number, e-mail address, and other information).

Concerning Collection of Personal Information

When personal information is collected on this site, such information shall be provided only by the will of the user, and the site shall make clear the purposes for such collection, and collect within the scope necessary to achieving those purposes.

Concerning Personal Information Use and Provision Limits

With regard to personal information which is collected, the site shall not make use of or provide such information outside the stated purposes of collection, except in cases established by the “Mie Prefecture Personal Information Protection Ordinance”

Concerning Personal Information Management

With regard to personal information which is collected, the site shall prevent leakage, loss, and alteration, and shall appropriately manage such information.

Concerning Links

This site includes links which lead to other websites. This site is not responsible for the privacy handling standards or content of such other sites.

The above policy may be revised. In such cases, the revisions will be advertised on this site.

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