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Ninjutsu Study

Banke Shinobi Training Center

Kawakami Jin’ichi, who serves as the honorary director of the Iga-ryu Ninja Museum, is the 21st head of Iga-ryu ninjutsu, and is called “The last living modern ninja”.
Koka-ryu and Iga-ryu come from the same origin, and since the Koka-ryu studio is located in Fukui Prefecture, here is an introduction:

  • Content: Personal training according to the teachings passed down from Koka and Iga Ninjutsu, in those skills and fighting arts which can be applied to modern people.

    Health/beauty - how to utilize/lightness of person/spiritual skills, etc.
    Good fortune/falling/harnessing of power/mysticism/success, etc.
    Self-defense/defeating one’s enemy - Josui-ryu Shinto Gunden/Shinden Fudo-ryu/Izumo Kami-ryu Heiho/ Ichijo Fujiho Koppojutsu, etc.
    Military Study/Yokan - Koka Ninja Teachings/Iga Ninja Teachings/ Tanba-mura Kumo-ryu Ninja Teachings, etc.
  • When: Always (by reservation)
  • Where: Head Studio 〒919-1525 61-15 Wakasa Uriu, Mikata Kaminaka-gun, Fukui-ken
  • Affiliate Branch: 〒229-1116 7-1-1 Seishin, Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa-ken
    Sagamihara Center Mansion #207
  • Cost: 10,000 yen/month (four times/month), student discount
    Four lessons in one day possible for people who live far away
  • Head: [Office] 〒612-8154 152-17 Mukaijima Tsuda-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-shi
    Kyoto branch Kiyomoto Yasushi TEL: 090-5678-2386

Ninja Circle

Iga-ryu Ninjutsu Preservation Society

This group has 200 members all over Japan, and was started in 1984 for ninja fans.
Currently, ninjutsu is continually disappearing, and the amount of information available is very small.
This group issues a bi-monthly newsletter containing ninjutsu historical information, Iga region ninjutsu related news, information and research, illustrations, and comics, etc. from our members in all parts of Japan.
Also, we hold 5 - 7 yearly events, such as visiting ninja historical sites, interaction with other members, exchange with other styles at the “Shinobi no Tsudoi” gathering of ninja enthusiasts. These are open to men and women of any age.
Yearly Membership Dues: 3,700 yen (no initial entry fee)

  • Head : 【Office】 544-2 #1-103 sunmallpart Kuzumoto-cho , Kashihara city , Nara 634-0007 Iga-ryu Ninja Group ・黒党(Kurondo)内 Kuroi Hiromitsu
  • TEL:0744-25-0385
  • FAX:0744-24-6349
  • URL:

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